The Truelove Knot

Thank you Mr. Truelove.  This knot is an excellent addition to the repertoire.

Level of Expertise 4/5

Though this knot has nothing to do with “True Love” – as far as I can tell – I’ve used this knot for Valentine’s day this year.  we can thank Mr. Elliot Truelove for this one.

This is the latest knot I’ve tried and although I don’t think I used the best type of tie for this one – my other shirts were ready for the wash – I believe it still got the point across.  Or should I say “a cross.”

This knot is unique in the fact that it has a four sided cross in the center of the knot.  This would usually be hard to accomplish with most ties having lines divisible by three, but Elliot Truelove found a great way to defy the odds.  He also took a notice of Alex Krasny and wanted to do what I am currently working on; to create a new knot.  Take a watch of Elliot’s how-to video and follow along to make a knot like this.



I have to give a huge shout-out to my wife, Ari, for this beautiful contrasting tie.  She supported and encouraged a job change.  With that job change came a more corporate attitude.  I had to grow up!  The weekend before my first day, she took me out on a shopping spree and this is one of the beautiful ties that she got for me.  It’s elegant and simple with a HUGE contrast in color. (Please don’t tell me it ‘pops’.  Ever.)  The shirt was purchased at the same time, though they weren’t in a package together.  It worked out beautifully.  The tie is an Arrow, 100% silk tie.  It’s in the medium range of thickness, which I felt was appropriate for this knot.  It’s all pretty standard, though a bit more narrow at the large end than many of my other ties.  It was easy to maneuver and the edge creases did not creep out (like the Repp Tie).

This knot works with:

  • Thinner Ties – Thinner fabric and thinner width cause less wrinkles.
  • Solid Color Ties – The solid colors give this knot the attention it deserves without distracting from the knot itself.
  • Striped Ties – If you have a striped tie, make sure the stripes are at a normal interval (unlike the one above).  This will make a great diamond pattern in the center.
  • Paisly/Pattern Ties – This is a possibility.  I usually say these detract from the knot, but I believe the compass cross could work well with them.

This knot does not work with:

  • Thicker Ties – Thick fabric and wide ties make this knot give the tie too many wrinkles and divits.
  • Plaid Ties – Plaid ties might give a great diamond pattern, but along with that is another set of crosses.  Could be good – could be too much.

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