The Ediety Knot

Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth.

Level of Expertise: 5/5

If you haven’t already guessed, the Ediety Knot was made famous by the mind bending movies “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions”.  In the movies, The Merovingian (or The Frenchman) wore this knot and really made it look classy, though this knot has been around since before then.

The knot looks great when you wear it right.  Please don’t get this knot confused with the youtube video Matrix Reloaded Tie Knot Instructions Ediety Knot or‘s knots.  they are a bit backwards from what the true Ediety Knot looks like.  If you’re wondering, with the Ediety Knot, the narrow end ends up in the front of the tie.  A proper instructional for this knot Is Here.  You’ll notice he ties this knot backwards and you can see at the end of the video that the narrow end of the tie is infront of the thick end.

Now, what I mean by wearing it right is this:  This knot is made to wear with a vest or a high buttoned suit jacket.  The purpose of this is because the narrow end of the tie looks a little awkward when it’s just hanging loose.  Our society has taught us that a narrow end of a tie needs to be behind the wide end.  That’s why it looks a little strange.  When the vest or jacket covers the bottom of both ends, it looks more uniform and purposeful and you really don’t realize what’s going on.  Another thing I noticed was, when tying this knot, since it’s tied backwards, the upper portion of the knot will be showing the seams.  I hope to fix this eventually for my instructional video once I do those.


I believe I purchased this tie a while ago while shopping in some department store.  Sometimes a man just needs a tie!  It’s a Calvin Klein, 100% silk tie.  It has a medium material thickness and is pretty well proportioned for a big guy like me.  It’s not an extra long tie so I would certainly need a vest or jacket while wearing this knot.  To get the extra long narrow end of the tie, I needed to choke up on this one which made the wide end of the tie much too short on my torso.  A jacket was absolutely necessary for this one.

The Ediety Knot is a very large knot and should also be fluffed which makes it even larger.  This knot is definitely used as an eye catcher.  It’s noticeable with any type of tie.  Just remember, use a very long tie and cover the ends up with a jacket or vest.  You should also be using nothing larger than a medium thickness of tie.  When you get thick, you will start to get strange wrinkles in the knot which are hard to pinch out.  Use a medium to thin tie and try to get extra long if your jacket doesn’t button high.

This knot works with:

  • Thin – Medium Ties – Thinner fabric and thinner width cause less wrinkles.
  • Paisly/Patterned Ties – These patterns will have a great contrast with each other seeing as how we are layering fabric.
  • Symmetrical Patterns – Light patterns are better for this.  The heavier the pattern, the less you’ll be able to see the great knot.
  • Striped Ties – Striped ties look great with the layered fabrics.  especially if there are different colored stripes.  It really brings out the narrow end.

This knot does not work with:

  • Thicker Ties – Thick fabric and wide ties make this knot give the tie too many wrinkles and divits.
  • Solid Color Ties – Solid colors technically work, but there won’t be much contrast in the layered fabric.
  • Plaid Ties – Plaid ties might hide this knot and style of tie.

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