The Trinity Knot

If you haven’t already heard of this one, It’s called “The Trinity Knot”.

trinity_knot_thumbLevel of Expertise: 4/5

For reasons unexplained… (Besides the fact that it shows three intertwined sides… Origin here) …It got it’s name for having three woven pieces.

This knot is the second knot I have tried in my new neck tie hobby.  It was pretty simple to learn, though fairly hard to master and get to look right.  Once you get the loose concept, it’s all about finding the right tie.

I started this journey when I looked up the proper way to tie a full Windsor knot.  I stumbled across this guy: Alex Krasney.  He is the inspiration behind me wanting to tie knots and make some of my own.  You will notice a few of my first knots are actually learned from him.  Thank you Alex!  I hope to make a couple instructional videos of my own.  Until then, follow the link to his name and you can see how this is done.


I would like to thank my Sister, Corinne, for this tie.  She gave it to me as a gift for Christmas a few years back.  It’s a gorgeous green Tiffany’s Tie.  It has almost a carbon fiber look to it, which I really enjoy.  The fabric on this tie a bit thick for this knot… that’s my excuse, anyways, for the sloppy knot, but I had to have this knot in this color.  Thanks Cory!


This knot works with:

  • Thinner Ties – Thinner fabric and thinner width cause less wrinkles.
  • Solid Color Ties – The solid colors give this knot the attention it deserves without distracting from the knot itself.
  • Striped Ties – When the stripes all go in the same direction (straight or diagonal) they make a great pattern in the center of the knot.

This knot does not work with:

  • Thicker Ties – Thick fabric and wide ties make this knot give the tie too many wrinkles and divits.
  • Paisly/Pattern Ties – The patterns greatly reduce the visual appearance of many fancy knots.  This is one of them.
  • Plaid Ties – While this sort of works as a striped tie, the counter-hatched stripes seem to confuse the eye a bit too much.


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