177,000 Ways to Tie a Tie?! I figured as much…

Ironic, the post before this refers to only 85 ways


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Recently, there has been a study done by some Mathematicians that confirms that there’s way more than 85 ways to tie a tie.  —  By the way.  That book sells for over $100 for hardback?  I bought this book…  Here’s my quick review:  85 ways to tie a tie was purchased for about $85 dollars.  I figured it was an awesome deal.  Then I got my copy.  This book is literally less than half an inch thick, and that includes the hardcover!  I’ve seen children’s books with more content and thinner covers sell for $12.00 at Babies R Us.  DO NOT purchase that book for more than $20.  But I digress…


If you google 177,000 ways to tie a tie you will come upon a ton of copy articles.  Some of which actually link back here!  The viewership has gone up 1000%!  Thank you all! You’ve inspired me to continue posting beautiful pictures of tie knots. and even creating desktop backgrounds of them (among other things.)

This new number of 177,000 ways was found by adding all of the possibilities of tying a tie with the narrow end, instead of the traditional way of tying it with the thick end.  They came up with some algorithm that would count the number of ways a tie can wrap around itself.  I’m sure only about 30 of the 177,000 actually look good!  I also don’t think they’ve account for twisted knots like the Truelove Knot or the Wess Knot.  What do you think?

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