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85 ways to tie a tie? I think not.

wesson_knot_thumbLevel of Expertise: 3/5

I finally twisted some fabric around into something fairly beautiful.  I liked the Onassis Knot but it felt a bit lacking.  I definitely like the wow-factor and how it almost looks like a piece of fabric connected to nothing.  I was playing around with this tie and came up with an alternative that is similar to the Onassis Knot but has some nice decoration along with it.

I don’t have a video for this yet, but this will be my first instructional video.  It’s fairly simple, obviously, but it starts like the Pratt Knot (inside-out) and has a middle kind of the same as the editety knot.  the second-to-last step has the narrow end infront of the large end, then it flips over the whole knot and rests there.  Believe me, I will film it for you!



I’ve finally created my own how-to video!  This is my first.  Please, please expect them to get better!  Different angles, lighting, etc., etc. As always, leave me a comment and give me suggestions!

I found this tie at a department store somewhere.  I just found it and a couple others and bought them up for a good price.  This is a fairly thick tie with some good thick construction.  It’s not the greatest though.  The innards sometimes fold up and you have to move the stuff around, but it always goes back to normal.

This knot is a nice and easy knot for any size tie; thick or thin, long or short.  It’s tied like a normal tie, with the large end twisting about.  This knot is perfect with a thinner or highly tapered tie.  The key to this look is making sure the two sides are showing under your lapel and the top of the tie is not covering them either.  Otherwise, you’ll just be wearing the Onassis Knot.

This knot works with:

  • All Neckties


3 thoughts on “The Wess’ Knot

  1. Where will one find this video when it’s made? Very excited to see how this one works. And congrats on making a unique knot! Too many people on YouTube going about naming knots differently when the end result isn’t unique at all. I was very excited to find this

    • You will be able to find the video right back here! Or on YouTube. That’s where I’ll be posting it. I should be able to do the video this week. Thank you for the interest and support!

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