Welcome to Awesome Knot

Hello and welcome!  This is just an intro post to the tie knot blogging world!  I hope to be able to inspire and help those of you who want to be a little more interesting.

Soon, I will be posting different tie knots and possibly instructionals on how to do them.  I am still thinking out this entire thing!


Again, Welcome!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Awesome Knot

  1. Thank you for the information! I have recently been wearing ties to school at least a few days a week and I love to change it up! The format of your website is very nice to use and easy to read. Please, keep adding new knots!

    • Thank you Nick! I certainly will! I’ve been a bit busy, but you can join my facebook page where I do a quick knot every day and usually post the how to along with it. I have to catch up on my blog though!

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